Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer

I used to hate using hand sanitizers because it makes my hand sticky afterwards. So, for a very long time, I use isopropyl alcohol to clean my hands when I'm outside. I always bring a tiny alcohol in my bag. Then my sister insisted to have me try and use her Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer. She says that aside from the very pretty scent, it will not make my hands sticky after. I was afraid to try it but she kept forcing me to use it and will not stop until I do. So, I did.
Well, it was nice! It really did not make my hands sticky afterwards and it's even better than the isopropyl alcohol I have been using. 
I like the cute PocketBac... It's convenient to leave one in my bag.

I read somewhere that the correct way to use a hand sanitizer and really kill the germs in your hands is that you should pour enough amount on your hands that will really wet your both hands when you're rubbing it together. If by the time you are rubbing it and the hand sanitizer dries up instantly, then you are not using enough, pour more.

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