Hanskin Super 3 Solution BB Cream

Someone told me that Hanskin is a popular brand of skin care line in Korea, so, I just have to try out their BB cream.

The "3 Solution" on this bb cream is the wrinkle, whitening and SPF. It already has SPF 35 PA+++ so I can skip the sunscreen.

This bb cream is moisturizing. So, no need to use a moisturizer. Oil control is not so good though.

The bb cream has a beige undertone. I really thought it would be perfect for my skin tone. On my arm, it seemed to blend well with my complexion. I applied it onto my entire face and saw the shade to be fine at first. Then, it have become whiter because when I checked the mirror again, my face turned whiter than my neck. This shade is not for me. (I am an NC25)

The coverage isn't that good as well. I can still see tiny blemishes visible when I had this on. 

This bb cream would be perfect for those with pale complexion and needs little coverage. It feels light on as if I only applied a moisturizer.


  1. Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog! I'm really intrigued by BB cream but i'm not sure where I can get hold of it in the UK?



  2. Hi great review and also heard the exact same thing about BB cream!!
    I'm following you now so feel free to follow back! really enjoy your blog..


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