Heliocare Compact SPF50

I got this from my dermatologist and I just love it. Heliocare Oil Free Compact SPF 50 is a good sunscreen suitable for oily skin people (like me). It's oil-free and can serve as a foundation and makeup sunscreen. 

It's easy to apply. The compact comes with a sponge, but I just use my fingers in applying this onto my face since that's what my dermatologist told me to do. It's so creamy, I just spread it all over my face. It's smooth and non-greasy.

This compact sun protection comes in different shades, I got the light one. It's ideal for those who just had an aesthetic procedure done like microdermabrasion or chemical peels. My dermatologist always apply this on my face after I had some treatment done. 


  1. Is it in cream form? My dermatologist recommended this to me too, but I haven't bought it yet coz it's expensive.

  2. Hi Rae! The texture of this sunscreen is similar to a cream foundation. It goes on smooth so sometimes I wear this alone, without applying any powder anymore. It is expensive, that's why I use my fingers to apply this because I didn't want to waste any on the sponge.

  3. I used this product and I liked it but I'm wondering if I can find it in Doha Qatar .


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