Neostrata Brightening Cream SPF15

Back when my main problem was acne and acne scars, my dermatologist had me use NeoStrata Brightening Cream SPF 15.

It's a hydroquinone-free cream that helps brighten, rejuvenate and smooth skin discoloration It's ideal for liver-spots, freckles and other skin pigmentations. Aside from the face, you can use it on your neck, chest and hands. This has the moisturizing and exfoliating benefits of an AHA cream.

I still remember the first time I applied this cream onto my face, because I hated the smell! It smells really bad for me. The cream comes out pale yellow, but as it gets older, the cream will turn a darker shade of yellow. So it's best if you keep the lid on closed tight.

As a moisturizer, this is too moisturizing for me. My face became shiny. It's also greasy and made me look oily. It already has SPF 15 so it's ideal to use during the day. But because it's just too greasy for me, I just used it at night instead.

This brightening cream made my face become noticeably softer to touch. 

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