Olay Oil Minimizing Toner

Olay Oil Minimizing Toner was previously known as Olay Refreshing Toner. I'm glad they changed it's name because "oil minimizing" always catches my attention.

This toner says to help deal with excess oil by removing it, along with dirt and make-up, without stripping your skin of its essential moisture. It controls oil with witch hazel.

I use this along with the Olay Acne Control Face Wash. You can read my review on that here.

The toner cleanses well. It always does an excellent job in removing dirt and oil. It also helps removes makeup that got left behind after I washed my face.

I like how this toner smells. I'm so glad that it doesn't smell anything like witch hazel. I have used witch hazel as a toner in the past and it smelled bad. This doesn't have any traces of the witch hazel scent.

As for the oil minimizing property... I noticed my face becomes a bit less oily when I use this prior to applying makeup.

I don't like the bottle of this toner. It's as if Olay wants me to spill the entire content on my cotton. I have to gently pour the toner and keep my hands steady.

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