NO-AD Sunblock Lotion SPF45

NO-AD stand for "Not Advertised". The brand is from Florida. They want to provide consumers with the best quality products at the lowest price. I actually chose this sunblock because the size of the bottle is huge and yet it's still cheap. 

I got SPF 45 because I just needed a body sunscreen for everyday use. 

Product is described as "A non-greasy, very water resistant and very sweat resistant lotion." It contains aloe vera and vitamin E to help soften the sun's drying effect on your skin. Provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

The formula is just like any ordinary sunblock, white in color and thick in consistency. It gets rubbed in well, but, it's a bit sticky. I always dust some baby powder on my skin after I applied my sunscreen. It leaves a sheen or shiny finish on my skin when I apply this on. I don't like the shiny look, it looks as if I have a thin layer of Saran wrap on me.

It does a good job in protection. I didn't get sunburned easily even after spending some time under the sun.

 The downside of this sunblock is that it stains light colored clothes. I had yellow stains on my white shirt.

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