Pond's Classic Cold Cream

Pond's Cold Cream has been here for ages. I remember the scent from watching my aunts do their nightly facial routine from when I was a kid.

So, what does this cold cream does?

The product's description says: "Gentle yet effective deep cleansing action removes hidden dirt and make-up, even stubborn waterproof mascara. Its special blend of ingredients softens as it cleanses in one simple step so your skin feels smooth and radiantly clean & never tight or dry."

This is what I'm using to remove my makeup, and this does a good job with it. It removes bb creams, eyeliner and mascara well. But it gives me raccoon eyes so I have to wipe my eyes clean with an eye makeup remover.

If you haven't used Pond's Cold Cream yet, then I just want to let you know first that the cream isn't actually cold, nor does it have any menthol or cooling effect.

After wiping the cream off with a tissue or cotton, you can rinse your face with water. Since my face is oily, I wash my face with a cleanser to rinse away the cream. If I didn't wash my face with soap, my face will become oily.

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