Garnier Oil Clear Brightening Oil Control Scrub

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Garnier Oil Clear Brightening Oil Control Scrub is a product from Garnier Asia. Like always, I fell for the words "oil control" that's why I got this.

Garnier Oil Clear Brightening Oil Control Scrub has an ultra foaming texture and is easy to rinse. It contains gentle micro-beads and purifying eucalyptus to exfoliate dead cells and remove excess oil and dirt instantly.

As with most Asian facial cleanser product that I have used, this one is very foaming. I only use a tiny amount of it and it would foam up my entire face and even neck. I love how it foams up. This 6ml sachet that I got lasted me 8 days. 

The micro-beads are really tiny, you can't really see them. They also didn't put a lot of beads in because I only felt a few at a time. I don't think it exfoliates dead skin cells because I don't feel the scrubs that much.

It does a good job cleansing my face. It removes makeup. Other cleansers won't foam up that much when you try to wash makeup (foundation or bb cream) off, but this one still does. It does a great job in removing oil. Even though it strips away the excess oil I have on my face, it doesn't leave me feeling dry after. 

As for the oil-control part, it does help minimize excess oil a bit but I still do get shiny after an hour of washing my face with this.

The thing I don't like about this scrub is the smell. It has a slight scent of crushed leaves to it. I really hate the smell so I just don't inhale that much when using this.

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