Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue Fresh Cleansing Foam

Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue Fresh Cleansing Foam cleanse and moisturize with the power of fruit water extracts. It has Grape Water Extracts, which is the antioxidant that would defend skin from external aggressions and Apple Water Extracts, which would maintain skin's moisture barrier.

The cleanser is foamy but not as foamy as the other Asian brand foaming cleansers I have used. It cleanses well, does a good job in washing away dirt and oil. It has a mild apple scent to it. 

I have never breakout by using cleansers or face wash before, up until now. OMG! This cleanser break me out really bad. It's terrible when I break out because I always get cystic acne when I do. I used this in January and let's just say my new year didn't turn out so good with my skin. I have to visit my dermatologist to treat my acne. Within a week of using this, I notice I was breaking out again. I don't normally break out anymore since I got that under control already. I didn't know this cleanser was the culprit so I continued using it. As I mentioned, I don't break out with cleansers.

As I continue to use this, my acne problem would not stop. I just keep getting new ones every week. And then finally, it hit me. I suddenly thought of my new cleanser. I stopped using it for a while to see if my breakout would stop. When I stopped using this, in a few weeks, I stopped breaking out too. 

It's a shame that this cleanser didn't turn out good for me. I was starting to like it because it removes oil and makeup well and doesn't leave my face feeling tight. 

If it didn't turn out well for me, this cleanser worked average for my sister (to whom I gave this cleanser to).

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