The Face Shop Face It Nail Crackle Nail Polish in BK901

A lot of nail polish brands are coming out with cracking nail polishes nowadays. I got the one from The Face Shop. 

The Face Shop Face it Art Nails Crack collection comes in 4 shades, I bought the black one.

The cracking nail polish dries out in a matte finish. 

I painted it as I would of an ordinary nail polish. That would explain why the crack effects are small. Then I read online that if you applied a thin coat, the effect would be tiny cracks, but if you applied a thick coat, then the cracks would be bigger.

I used OPI Mad as a Hatter as my base color. The glitter gives out a nice peek-a-boo effect.

Here's another swatch of the polish...

I used Zoya Richelle as my base color here. I like the black and gold combination.

As you can see, this time, the crack effects are much bigger. I applied a thicker coat here to achieve that effect.

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