Organix Revitalizing Pomegranate Green Tea Shampoo & Conditioner

I was drawn to check the Organix products out because of the attractive bottles. The bottles doesn't look like your ordinary hair shampoo and conditioner. Of all the scents they have, I decided to go with Revitalizing Pomegranate Green Tea. I got the Shampoo and the Conditioner. Lucky for me, there was a buy-1-take-1 promo so I practically got the conditioner for free.

Organix products contain organic active ingredients and are sulfate and paraben free. I'm trying to look for a good eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner so I really want to try this one. I tested out Pantene's Nature Fusion line and I did not like it. So I want to see if this one's better.

The pomegranate and green tea is suppose to target damaged and brittle hair. It's also going to add a brilliant luminescent shine. 

This shampoo and conditioner duo smells fantastic! I love the pomegranate smell! The scent does linger on my hair a bit after my bath. 

Now here comes the sad part...
Just like my experience with Pantene's Nature Fusion, after I shampoo my hair, my hair felt like it's all tangled up. It also felt very rough. The conditioner, on the other hand, did not do anything for the tangles. It didn't make my hair smooth. I let the conditioner sit longer than I usually do, like more than 3 minutes, and there I felt my hair become a bit smoother. When I leave it on for only a couple of minutes, it doesn't do anything about the roughness and tangles.

Since the conditioner didn't actually conditions well, I had a really hard time combing my long hair after my bath. My hair is all tangled up! (FYI,I brushed my hair before taking a bath) I'm using a wide-tooth comb and always struggle to comb my hair after using this shampoo and conditioner.

Since I like the smell of the shampoo a lot, I use a different conditioner instead as to not have problems with the tangles afterwards.

I'm starting to think organic shampoos and conditioners are all alike. With the 2 brands I tried, I had the same result, I had problems roughness and tangles.


  1. hi!
    i bought these because of the cute bottles too!! haha i got suckered in! ^^ i got the briht pink ones!!

    thanks for following my blog - Im following u back :D



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