First Aid Beauty 5-in-1 Face Cream

Something that has a "5-in-1" written on the label would definitely catch my attention. This is First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Face Cream

It's pretty clear that this is a multi-functional face cream. The 5 things it would do for your skin are...

First Aid Beauty site says it's a fab face cream that's ideal for practically all skin type. From the most sensitive skin to the oily ones. 

I really like the pump bottle. It makes it so easy to use.

The cream isn't thick. It's light and easy to spread over the skin. The cream has a bit of a sheen to it but really does nothing on your face. Don't worry, you won't end up looking shiny from the sheen. It's fragrance-free. I wish they added a bit of a fragrance to it because it kind of smell bad. But, it wouldn't be ideal for those with sensitive skin if there's fragrance to it, so, this will have to do.

Even though they said it's also suitable for oily skin, for me, it isn't. I have oily skin and when I applied this on my face, it did not sink in. I even tried applying it over my arm to test it out and I had the same outcome. The cream made my skin greasy and it just sat there on the surface. I massage it in more and it sinked in a bit but I still felt greasy so I just wiped it off. 

This face cream would be better for those with dry to normal skin. My sister, who has the normal skin type likes this a lot. The cream got absorbed into her face and leaves it moisturized. She'd dust some powder on top to lessen the shine.

Because of the high SPF, it can also serve as your sunscreen. I think the directions written on the box is more for the sunscreen use rather than a face cream.


  1. this looks good, five in one, wow!
    i have pretty normal skin so i'd love to try this! x

  2. I like the 5-in-1 idea, it just doesn't suit my skin. Hope it'll suit you better.

  3. the name is really cutee! seems interesting I might give it a tryy

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