NYX Satin Finish Black Liner


NYX Satin Finish Black Liner is from their Collection Noir eyeliners. 

This eyeliner comes in a box, It says to:

  • Defines eyes in unforgettable rich color and dreamy definition
  • Delivers a timeless, glamorous satin finish
  • Soft finish makes a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable eye statement!

  • Satin Finish is a black shade with soft velvety finish. It only comes in one shade. 

    This eyeliner is so smooth that it glides on effortlessly. This makes it so easy to apply. I like the bold black shade. It's isn't shiny or flat matte, it kind of really looks velvety.

    I tightline with this and it does run and smudges. As much as I love this smooth eyeliner I hate that when I sneeze (Achooo!), the eyeliner gets to my bottom lashes already. Sometimes, I haven't even left home yet and half of the eyeliner ran already so I have to reapply.

    I line my upper eyelids with this and although it lasts all day, it also smudges. So, it's more of a dark gray liner by the end of the day. Since it easily smudges and runs, I don't use this during hot days.

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