NO-AD Sunblock Lotion SPF 85

Summer is hot! And I don't want to get tanner than I already am so I bought a high SPF sunscreen.

I have been using NO-AD Sunblock Lotion SPF 85 for a few months now. I have already tried NO-AD
sunscreen before. You can read my review of NO-AD Sunblock Lotion SPF 45 here.

NO-AD sunblock has Avobenzone, Aloe and Vitamin E. Broad Spectrum, protects from both UVA and UVB.

No-AD is a chemical sunscreen with Oxybenzone. Compared with the SPF 45, SPF 85 is thicker. As you can see, I was able to make a straight line out if it. I have a hard time spreading it all over my body, so, I'd mix this with a bit of body lotion to make the application smoother. I have to rub it in for the white cast to disappear and also for the sunscreen to get absorbed in.

Wait a few minutes after application and some of the sunblock lotion gets absorbed. Since this isn't dry-touch, it will feel greasy afterwards. I still use my Johnson's Baby Powder trick and dust powder on top of the sunscreen to make skin feel dry and smooth. This makes it less greasy.

For me, this sunblock does a great job protecting my skin from the sun. I didn't get sunburned. I even use this at the beach. Just make sure to reapply after 80 minutes in the water. The bottle says so.

Here's a list of the active ingredients in this sunblock:


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    1. I forgot to mention... I don't use this on my face. It's too thick, it might cause me to breakout.


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