Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Moisturing Emulsion

Aside from the Emulsion I got in the Shiseido White Lucent box set in my purchase of the Intensive Spot Serum, I got a full size too.

I admit, I get confuse with what Shiseido call their products, I'm not used to the words "emulsion" and "softener". I have to keep asking the Shiseido sales representative which is which.

Emulsion is simply a moisturizer. This is Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Emulsion. I used this with the "softener" a.k.a. the toner and the serum I got from the box set I purchased.

As you can see, the moisturizer or emulsion isn't really that thick. I was actually surprised that this was good for my oily skin. I thought I'd turn into a shiny grease-ball but I didn't. I used this everyday and it didn't cause me to breakout.

I like the texture it leaves my face. When I spread it on, it gets sunk in a bit, then, when it dries, it feels a bit velvety on my face. I have never felt that from other moisturizers before.

The weird thing about this moisturizer comes when I apply my bb cream. When I spread the bb cream over my face, I feel like the emulsion gets rubs off. You know the pieces of rubber you get when you erase a pencil writing? I get those on my face, bits of eraser-like pieces stuck to my fingers.

As for the whitening and brightening effect, I don't really feel any different when using this. My sun spots get lighten a bit but it didn't fade entirely. I use the complete line of this, softener (toner) first, then the serum and then this emulsion. I didn't get a drastic change in my skin tone while using this.

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