Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum

I have some stubborn sun spots on my left cheeks that really annoys me. I decided to try Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum to test out if it'll fade away the discoloration I have.

Shiseido's description for this product is as follows:
"A cutting-edge anti-spot serum, created with the latest advancements in Shiseido skincare technologies to deliver intensive brightening benefits. Targets dark spots such as sun and age spots, acne marks and darkened pores to even out skin tone for perfectly radiant skin."

It a light serum that gets absorbed by the skin easily. The direction says to use it for day and night. It's to be applied all over the face, not just the affected area. The serum isn't sticky on the face.

Aside from that, I had my mom use this as well. Her complexion became darker due to constant sun exposure. So, I had her try this out as well to see whether or not her skin tone will lighten up.

Using this for about 6 months, my mom's didn't experience a drastic change. A few of her dark spots have lighten up but are still visible. Her overall complexion (on her face) did became a bit lighter, but not light enough as to change her shade of makeup foundation/compact powder.

My sun spot, on the other hand, did not fade away. It did become lighter, but it isn't completely gone yet.

This isn't a moisturizing serum so it won't do any hydration on the skin. The main function of this serum is to lighten up darkened spots.

I got this in a box set. It's a "Traveller's Exclusive" set.


  1. Omg good thing I read your blog before I buy it. I was REALLY REALLY wanting to buy it but i$t was so pricey! $125!?! So I ended up buying the sunscreen from Shiseido.

    Thank you for the review and for following mine. Follows you back ;)


  2. At that price it must've been pretty disappointing that it wasn't great :(

  3. Thanks for reading my blog. This product is expensive and yet it isn't as effective as I hoped it would be. :(


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