Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture

Lately, I have been using a retinol cream to prevent acne and also lighten some acne scars.  It worked and my skin is clear now, but it also made it dry and itchy.
Murad claims that their Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture is the most hydrating moisturizer their brand has to offer. It promises immediate and long-lasting hydration. It's also gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Ingredients include: avocado, sunflower and olive fruit oils to enhance the skin's ability to retain maximum levels of moisture.
At first I thought the moisturizer will be too rich for my currently combination skin. Although my skin is dry in some spots, I still get oily around my t-zone. So, I don't really want a thick and heavy moisturizer.

The cream isn't thick. It doesn't feel heavy when I applied it on, which is good. I wait for around a minute and some of the cream will sink in. There's still a bit of stickiness though, so I dust loose powder and it does the trick. After, my face feels soft, not velvety as Murad promised, maybe because of my skin type. 

My t-zone will begin to get oily after about an hour, and it gets shiny in 2 hours. My cheeks still remain soft. I just dab the oily parts with an oil-control film. Because of this, I just skip applying the moisturizer on my nose and chin and just put it on my cheeks and forehead. 

It really does help hydrate the skin. I have some dry and flaky patch on my cheeks, near my mouth, but after using this, my skin went back to normal. 

Aside from my face, I apply the retinol cream down to my neck. My neck didn't handle the retinol cream that well and I developed a very itchy rash. I applied this moisturizer on and within 3 days, the rash was gone. 


  1. Murad makes some excellent skin care products. I will have to check this out, I am in the market for a new moisturizer. Thanks for the review I am now following.



  2. I love can be a bit pricey but is definitely worth every penny.

    <3 Marina

  3. Thanks for following Lynn!

    Marina, you are right, Murad has some pretty good products.


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