ZA T-Zone Cleansing Peel-off Mask

Za T-zone Cleansing Peel-off Mask is for removing blackheads. You know those pore strip? This is the same. but instead of a strip, this Za one comes in a cream form.

It's like white glue. All you have to do is apply it onto the part of your face where you want to remove your blackheads (nose or chin, but you can put it anywhere) and wait it to dry then peel it off. The texture is thicker than glue. Apply a thick coat, up to a point where the cream becomes opaque white, this makes it more effective in getting those blackheads and also makes it easier to peel off.

This blackhead removing peel-off mask is effective for me, but not always. I think I have stubborn blackheads at times so it doesn't come off. But it's effective in removing those little blackheads and tiny hairs.

I always use this after bath or after using a face mask. It makes the blackheads come off easier. Make sure to apply a thick coat and wait for it to dry completely. The sides of the nose takes a while to dry but be patient and wait for it to dry.

Since it comes in a cream form, you can use it anywhere on your face and not just your nose and chin (like other pre-cut pore strips). It also reaches those hard to reach area, like the sides of the nose. It smells like glue but the smell doesn't bother me.


  1. Oooh, I've never seen this. It looks cool!! I used to love those strips, but i like the idea of being able to put it right where you want!

  2. You should try this Maribeth. This is like glue, but better. I've tried using glue as a pore strip before.. Lol

  3. Great review. Never heard of this brand before. Hmmm...

    <3 Marina


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