The Body Shop Olive Scrub

I like The Body Shop olive skin care line because it smells good. Since I needed a new body scrub, I decided to get The Body Shop Olive Scrub.

The scrub comes in a jar, which makes it easier to use up. It has a pleasing olive smell, not very strong or overpowering. 

The scrub exfoliates well. The scrub particles isn't exactly fine, but it isn't too harsh on the skin. I never get any irritation after using this.

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Body Scrub 6.5 ozAfter I rinse this off, I immediately feel my skin is softer. It doesn't leave any oily residue after. I don't like scrubs that leaves an oily film after you use it. One scrub I have tried that had a greasy film is The Body Shop Brazil Nut Scrub. The oily residue stays there even after you rinse the scrub off. 

To make my skin more soft, I'd use a body lotion after I towel dry. My skin is super soft the next morning.

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