Clean & Clear Deep Action Refreshing Cleanser (with Green Tea)

Clean & Clear Deep Action Refreshing Cleanser with green tea is a facial cleanser from Clean & Clear Asia. The green tea essence is for oil-control. 

I really wasn't expecting the cleanser to come out green. I was expecting a white colored cleanser. Anyway, it's a cream cleanser that foams up. Lather it on your face a bit and it'll be very foamy. That's what I like about Asian cleansers, most of them are very foamy. 

The cleanser is good in removing all traces of oil on my face. It feels as if my face is very clean after I wash with this. Aside from oil, it also does a good job in removing dirt and make-up.

The thing I hate about this is that, after you rinse off the cleanser, it makes my face squeaky clean, as if it removed every bit of moisture from my face. I prefer my face to feel soft and smooth after, but it isn't. When I pat dry my face with a towel, my face feels a bit sticky after. My face still becomes oily afterwards, maybe because the cleanser strip off all traces of moisture on my face. 

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