Nail Art: Fimo Nail Art

Here's a fun thing to do with your nails, add Fimo to it! Fimo nail art canes are made from polymer clays. These canes sort of has the texture of pencil erasers. A cane is around 2" long. There's a wide range of designs to choose from. I got the flower designs.

All you have to do is, slice the Fimo Canes so you can stick it on your nails. I just use a utility knife in slicing them. This part is quite difficult at first, because you need to slice it evenly. And as if that isn't hard enough, you also have to try to slice it as thin as you possibly can. The thinner it is, the easier for it to stick onto your nails. With enough practice, I got a hang of slicing it thin enough.

Now, all you have to do is to stick it onto your nails. I didn't use any special nail glue. All I did was place the Fimo on while the nail polish was still wet. Using a tweezer would really make this much easier since these sliced up Fimos are small.

Apply a top coat after you stick the Fimo on.

The Fimo will last long, depending on how you stick it. The first time I use it, I didn't stick some of the fimos on properly so it flipped and fell off easily. The second time I use it, I sliced the Fimos thinner than the first time so I was able to stick it more properly. This one lasted 5 days and only 1 Fimo fell off.

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