Walgreens Nature's Finest Alpha Hydroxy 8% Face Cream


I have been using AHA products to help me have a more even skin tone. I read good reviews on this Walgreens Nature's Finest Alpha Hydroxy 8% Face Cream so I decided to try it out. Generic brands are cheaper alternatives over the branded ones.

The container makes it unsanitary for you to dip your fingers in and out of so I transferred some into a smaller container. I keep this huge jar in the refrigerator. It's good to keep creams in refrigerator especially when the climate is hot or humid. My creams tend to change in color and smell when I leave it in room temperature for too long.

Now, back to this AHA face cream...

I applied this on at night. The first time I tried it, it made my jawline itch a bit. I didn't bothered it and left it on my face the whole night until the next morning.

The second time I applied this face cream on, the itch got worse. My cheeks and chin started itching and then it became red. I didn't scratch it or anything. I got irritated from the cream so I had to wash it off.

If I had a bad experience, some people got a good one out of using this. I had my sister use it since she's having some whiteheads problem around her nose area. She have a more sensitive skin than me but miraculously, she did not have any problems using this. She applied it on her t-zone every night before bed after cleansing and toning her face. After consistent use, her whiteheads disappeared and of course, since this is a AHA cream, her skin became smoother.

This cream is cheap but it just isn't for me. Judging from my experience, we'll all have different results from using this. So you just have to go test it out and see if it'll either do good to your skin or not.

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