St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub

 Is there anything that green tea can't do? This St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub is a green tea derived product that works really good for me. 

I'm used to using  St Ives Apricot Scrub for blemish and blackhead control. I decided to try the green tea one to see the difference between the two.

The Green Tea Scrub is gentler than the Apricot Scrub. It's less abrasive because the silicon beads are much smaller. So small that you can't even actually see it.

 I don't use the apricot scrub everyday, I think it's too harsh exfoliating everyday, so I just use it around twice a week. But this green tea one is totally different. I can use it everyday as a facial cleanser as this scrub won't irritate my skin. 

I read on a magazine that it's not how hard you scrub or exfoliate your face, what matter is how long you do it. I always keep this in mind while massaging facial scrubs on my face because sometimes, I realize I'm scrubbing too hard. So, I just try to keep in mind to scrub gently and massage it for around a minute.

Now, back to the scrub... What amazes me whenever I use this is that it totally strips the oil out of my face. I can tell that my face becomes really clean because of the texture of my face after rinsing it off. It's soft, clean and oil-free yet it's not dry. Also, my hands seem to feel cleaner too. 

This scrub doesn't irritate my skin nor does it cause me to breakout. It has 1% salicylic acid to help treat and prevent blemishes. I like this scrub, but I think it might be too gentle to actually remove dead skin and blackheads. I think it's good to use everyday, but I'd still use the apricot scrub twice a week.

What I don't like about this cleanser is that the scrub are so tiny that after my bath, I can see the tiny white scrub specs caught up in my eye lashes and eye lids. 

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