Zoya in Trixie

I forgot to post about this nail polish. I had this on during the holidays because it's the perfect color for a New Year's celebration.

Zoya Trixie is described as a stunning light silver with a sparkling metallic foil finish. 

It's pretty shinny and very foil-like for a nail polish. I was pretty surprised that it has a smooth finish. I was thinking of a more rough finish when it dried. You can do good with one coat but I applied two coats of this plus a clear top coat for extra protection. 

It's not that hard to remove this polish, compared to glitter ones. While removing this nail polish, I did a trick I read in a magazine. Press and hold a cotton ball with nail polish remover on your nail for about 30 seconds. Then, rub off the polish off your nail. It makes it a whole lot easier in removing the polish.

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