My First BB Experience: Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream

Since I am dying to try on a BB cream, I went on eBay to find local sellers in my area. I found someone selling a sample size of Lioele Beyond The Solution BB Cream. I'm desperate, so I bought it!

Lioele is a Korean brand. This Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream says that it gets absorbs into your skin. It really does, since it wasn't greasy when I applied it on.

They claim to include moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, macadamia nut and jojoba oil. It wasn't that moisturizing when I applied it on.

The good things about this is it gets absorbed into your skin quickly. But, it's a bit sticky after. It isn't greasy, which is great! And also has good oil control. My face wasn't shiny after hours of wearing this. This also stayed on my face the whole afternoon. Sadly, there's no SPF. I have to apply sunscreen before using this.

The cream comes out pretty dark.

But blends nicely. Could you spot the BB cream? It's the one a bit shiner than the rest of my hand.


  1. hi there... i've tried skin 79 and missha bb creams (both are also korean brands) and missha is far better... it doesn't feel greasy after hours go by (i have combo skin and live in brazil, bit it's a fresh winter right now), and matches well my warm skin tone.

    sorry i can't tell missha ingredients (every single word in its box is in korean) but i highly recommend it !!! awesome product :)

  2. Hi Lulubeautyblog! thanks for reading my blog. I have 2 Missha bb creams right now that I haven't reviewed yet. I'm still testing it out. I'm having the same problem with most Japan and Korean brands, I also can't read the label.


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