Olay Foaming Face Wash

I have used Olay Foaming Face Wash in the past. It's been a really long time since I have used it that I missed the scent of it and also the soft feeling it leaves my skin after cleansing. I thought they discontinued it because I was looking for the old white bottle with the black pump on the shelf of the store I'm at. That's how it is when you shop without reading the label. Anyway, when I finally started reading the labels of each cleanser, I found this again.

I got the one for normal skin. They also have a specific one for sensitive skin. I have used that one before and the difference is that the one for sensitive skin doesn't have fragrance in it.

The face wash comes out very creamy. I only need a tiny bit and it'll foam up really well. It removes dirt and oil really good. If I have makeup on, I'd wash twice with this.

After rinsing off the cleanser, my face feels really soap as if it has been rinsed with a conditioner. This cleanser if non-drying and moisturizes well.

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