Rachel K Mineral CC Cream


Last year, my sister went to Singapore and asked me what I want. I told her to buy me a Rachel K CC Cream because it's a Singapore brand.

When she got home, I was so excited to get it, then I saw the shade... Sunkissed. At that time, my complexion was too pale for the Sunkissed shade, so I just kept it instead.
My sister went back to Singpore and said that she'd buy me the right shade of the Rachel K CC Cream this time. Well, when she came back, guess what?! She bought me the same Sunkissed shade! So I have 2 Rachel K  CC Creams that I am kept until my complexion would match the shade of this CC Cream.

Finally! After a long wait, my complexion matches the Sunkissed shade! I think I kept this CC Cream for a year before I finally get to use it.

This CC Cream doesn't come in a fancy pump up tube. It's an ordinary squeeze out tube. If BB Cream stands for "Blemish Balm", CC Cream stands for "Color Correct".

The Sunkissed shade isn't really that dark. I really believe that Missha #23 is way darker than this. The cream isn't thick or light. It does feel light on the face. 

Rachel K CC Cream Original blends okay, but sometimes I have a hard time making it look natural on my face. I either use my fingers and apply this in a patting manner. Still, I tend to always apply too much, which I end up dabbing off with a Kleenex or else my face would look cakey and would also be too white.

Coverage is fair. It hides tiny blemishes but it doesn't hide the redness near my nose that good.

Oil control is good. My face doesn't get oily that fast when I have this on. It also didn't cause me to breakout.

This is a really nice light non-greasy CC Cream that suits my oily skin.

I kept it so long that there's a new packaging of this tube already.

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