Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream

In the market of BB creams, Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream is one of the most popular ones. What's nice about this Missha BB cream is that it comes in different shades. I got No. 23 - Natural Beige. There weren't any product sample which I could test so I just guessed my shade.
This BB cream has whitening and anti-wrinkle properties. A big plus is that it also has an SPF of 42 PA+++. The sun protection is pretty high so I can skip the sunscreen.

It says it's suitable for all skin type, even those who are acne-prone. It has a nice pleasant floral smell to it.

I am an NC25 (in MAC Cosmetics) and I find this No. 23 shade is too dark for me. I wish I've gotten the No.21 Light Beige instead.

As you can see, the BB cream is obviously dark on my arm.

The formula is very moisturizing, which, made me realize that it is definitely not for all skin type. Using this always makes my face oily. It has no oil control. I just have my mom use this and it's perfect for her. Maybe it's more suitable for those with mature skin type.

My mom likes this BB cream. It doesn't set in her wrinkles and it moisturizes her dry skin. Wearing this BB cream does make her complexion look better.

I use this as a concealer instead. It blends well and hides my blemishes well. It doesn't get rubbed off easily when I try to cover some zits I have with this.


  1. I've always wanted to try BB Creams, everyone raves about them!

  2. You should try it Sugarsheen! It's really amazing!

  3. Hi. I'm a boy who recently bought this product.

    I got the #21 Light Beige afraid it would be too light for me, but luckily it was a great match.

    Anyways, do you think it's appropriate for a boy to wear BB cream for minimal coverage for acne/moisturization?

  4. Korean guys wear BB cream. How do I know? Because I know one who does! Just make sure to blend it carefully (and neatly). The guy I know didn't blend it neat enough that I can see the bb cream built up on his forehead.

  5. Can you teach me how to blend it well?


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