Aveeno Moisturizing Bar

My skin has been acting up lately and lead me to constantly break out. I decided to stop using cleansers with salicylic acid to test out if my skin will calm down and be better. 

I got this Aveeno Moisturizing Bar because it's gentle and I think the oatmeal will help with my oily skin.

Aveeno Moisturizing Bar for Dry Skin is a mild bar that contains natural oatmeal to cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin. It's hypoallergenic, soap-free formula blends powder-fine oatmeal with a skin-softening moisturizer.

It's not a smooth bar, it feels a bit sandy. It's because of the ultra-fine grinned oatmeal which is what this bar is made of. The bar is fragrance-free and also dye-free.

This soap doesn't remove my makeup. After washing my face twice with this, the bb cream is still there. I always use a makeup remover anyway.

This cleansing bar isn't considered a soap, but it does lather a bit. I use this with my Clarisonic and it does a good job in washing away oil and dirt without drying my skin. I just have to be careful using this around my eyes because it stings when I accidentally got it in.

I think this bar helped keep my skin under control. I wasn't breaking out often anymore, compared to when I was using a cleanser with 2% salicylic acid. Maybe I should stop using harsh products on my skin for a change.

Since this is fragrance-free, the scent does bothers me. It has a strong oatmeal smell to it. It kind of stinks.

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