Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner in 03 Eternal

Back in August, Allure had their annual big giveaway where you get a chance to win an item if you submitted an entry at a specific time and day. They have their giveaways multiple times, almost every hour, every day of August. 

I joined a few of them. I just wanted to see if I'd win anything, anything at all, because, I'm one of those unlucky people who never wins anything.

So, I was really surprised to get an email from Milani saying that I have actually won an eyeliner! Horay!

I won a Infinite Liquid Eyeliner! 

Unfortunately, it's GREEN! I don't like the shade, but the point is, I actually won. 

The shade is #03 - Eternal

The consistency of the liner is very thick so I find it a bit hard to line across my eyelid.

This liner will probably last all day (I haven't used it that long because I do not wear green eyeliners). The good thing about this eyeliner is that it doesn't come off. Not even when I used an eye makeup remover. I had to really rub it over and over with the remover.

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