Tokidoki Gelato Lip Balm Stain

I love Tokidoki! Sephora has Tokidoki makeup on sale because it's going to be discontinued soon. The sale goes up to 60% off, I bought a few items...

I got two lip gloss trio, lip balms and some nail art stickers.

Nail art stickers are only $2 each. They're really cute! They only got 2 designs - Cactus and Friends and Adios and Ciao Ciao.

When I went back to Sephora the next day, they already kept their Tokidoki stocks, I wanted to buy more so I asked an associate about it. She was really nice as to inform the merchandiser that I'm interested in
purchasing Tokidoki items. The merchandiser came out and asked me what I wanted in particular so he can go back to their stockroom to get them. I wasn't even finish telling him what I wanted and he already left.

I was hoping to buy the Perfecto eyeliner but, the guy wasn't too happy to go back and forth to the stockroom anymore. I already made him go back twice. He wasn't smiling anymore so I was intimidated to ask him to go back one more time. I'm so sad I didn't get the eyeliner...

There are only 2 lip balms left to choose from, this one, which is Pink Martini and Ciao Ciao which doesn't have any color.

I got 4 lip balm in Pink Martini because it's really good. It's like a moisturizing lip stain. 

I really like the pink shade.

The stain also doesn't come off easily. It stays put even after a meal, or even when I try to get it off by wiping it off with a tissue. The scent is also wonderful.

These lip balm stain was on sale for only $3 each. 


  1. I was only able to pick up the Lip Balm stain in Mozzarella! It's a gorgeous red color, and the smell is yummy!

    1. I wish they have that over here, red stain would be nice.


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