Equate Deep Cleansing Sensitive Skin Astringent

Equate Deep Cleansing Sensitive Skin Acne Medication Astringent is a dupe of Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent for Sensitive Skin. I placed both products side-by-side with each other and read the ingredients. They are exactly identical. Every ingredient listed up to the sequencing of which ingredient is written first is exactly the same. Even the color and the scent is the same as with the Clean & Clear one.

I just needed an astringent to clean my skin and remove any dirt, oil or makeup that's left behind after I was with my cleanser. I also wanted something with Salicylic Acid.

This Equate astringent has 0.5% of Salicylic Acid medication to help clear out pores. It will also help treat and prevent pimples.

The astringent does an average job in removing excess oil, same goes with removing dirt. Sometimes, I can still feel my t-zone is oily so I moisten another cotton ball again.

I only use this at night time. It doesn't dry out my skin. It also good that it doesn't sting my eyes, unlike some astringents I have used in the past.

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