Shiseido Benefiance Daytime Protective Emulsion with SPF 15

If you have this product and was wondering why my bottle looks different, it's because I got this at a sample sale. The sample bottle is a huge 400mL / 13 fl. oz bottle with a pump. 

The original bottle looks like this:

Shiseido Benefiance Daytime Protective Emulsion is a facial moisturizer that provides protection against dryness, UV rays and other harmful environmental factors. It protects skin from dehydration and keeps it supple for hours. With that description, it's obviously more suited for those with dry skin. I didn't actually get this product for me, I got it for my mom who I thought would be more suitable using this because of her dry and mature skin type.

The moisturizer is a bit thick, it's really meant for those with dry skin. When I tried it, it felt a bit sticky on my face. I had to dust my face with loose powder to remove the stickiness. But for my mom who has dry skin, she said the texture is just fine for her. She actually loves this moisturizer and doesn't complain about it being sticky.

For something that claims to protect against UV rays, I wish they would have made the SPF higher than 15. I don't feel protected enough with just a sun protection factor of 15, so I always use more sunscreen. Same goes with my mom.

I used this for a week to test it out and it didn't made any changes on my skin. It didn't made it more soft or supple. I just hate it that when I use this in the morning, my face becomes so after 3 hours that I get forced to wash it off.

As for my mom, she has dry skin and her face didn't really appear to get more hydrated even after continuous use of this everyday.

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