Etude House Yogurt Peel Cleansing Foam Nuts Mix

I got Etude House Yogurt Peel Cleansing Foam because I wanted a foaming facial cleanser. I got the Nuts Mix because I was told that it's the one suitable for oily skin. I can't read the label because everything is in Korean. 

This is a exfoliating cleanser that nourishes skin with walnuts and sunflower seeds.

I love the smell of this cleanser. It's has a mild powder scent. The scrubs are so tiny that you can't see it. It's an everyday exfoliating cleanser so it isn't harsh on the skin. The cleanser foams very well, just a tiny amount of it will foam up my entire face. See the amount I squeezed out for the picture? That's how little I use.

About the "peeling" part, my skin didn't exactly peel. But with everyday use, it did made my skin a bit softer. I think it's because of the AHA in it.

I didn't break out while using this, I'm not the type to break out on a cleanser anyway. I like the clean feel I get after using this. It definitely stripped my face of any oil or dirt. 

I really like this cleanser. The smell is great, it cleanses well and it doesn't dry out my skin.


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  3. This sounds like a great product...wish they had something like this around my local stores!

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