TIGI Bed Head Ego Boost

TIGI Ego Boost Split End Mender and Leave-in Conditioner will mend and protect dry or damaged hair. It says to add strength and elasticity, seals hair for a healthy look and enhances shine.
It comes in a pump bottle. The pump gives you just the right amount of product in one pump. At first I expected a cream to come out. Most leave-in conditioners are cream. So I was pretty surprised that it has a serum-like consistency.

TIGI products, the smell is amazing!

When I use this, I notice that it helps with the tangles. My hair gets tangled at the ends a lot because my ends are a bit dry, but with this I can easily comb my hair. It also helps keep my ends from looking too dry. No more split-ends. The consistency of the serum is a but slimy, but it doesn't give any greasy feel or look to the hair.

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