LUSH Mask of Magnaminty

I usually stay away from any LUSH store because the smell coming from all their stores is so overwhelming. I sometimes get a headache or an upset stomach from the smell just from passing by their stores.

I was looking for a nice new face mask and read high reviews on LUSH's Mask of Magnaminty. So, I forced myself to go in one of the LUSH stores.

Mask of Magnaminty is for deep cleaning, toning and exfoliating. Reviews say it's good for oily and acne-prone skin.

I got the small tub because LUSH products expired pretty quickly. The lady at LUSH told me to keep it in the refrigerator so it won't spoil that fast.

The mask is green with exfoliating bits inside. It has peppermint which makes it cool and refreshing. Since I keep this in the refrigerator, I had to bring it out to cool down before I use it or else I won't get to feel the minty feeling when I applied it cold.

All you have to do is apply the mask and allow it to dry. Once it's dry, I wet my face then exfoliate it for a while. Then, I rinse it off.

After I pat dry, my skin is brighter and a bit tighter. It's also smoother since I exfoliated. It makes my face feel softer and clean, as if all dirt was removed from my pores. I use this mask once a week.

So far, that's the only thing good about this mask. It didn't did anything else to my face. It didn't help with the oil and it didn't made my face clearer.

What I don't like about this mask is the smell. It smells as if I'm applying salad on my face. I really hate the smell.

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