Etude BB Magic Cream

After spending a really long time inside the Etude House shop, I decided to get ETUDE HOUSE BB Magic Cream.

I just don't understand the packaging concept of bb creams in tube. If it's in a tube, why not let us squeeze the cream out like a toothpaste? Anyway...

Etude House BB Magic Cream Moist is said to be for dry skin. I don't have dry skin but still purchase it anyway. I can't read the Korean description at the back of the box and tube so I went to their English website. Website says that this bb cream contains Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Madecassol, Centella Asiatica for skin nourishing and soothing. 

This bb cream is easy to blend. It also has a pleasant smell. The shade is just right for my skin tone. I just dusted some loose powder after. 

Here's the swatch of the cream. Beside it is a small spot where I blended it onto my arm. It blends well and the shade matches my complexion perfectly.

The consistency is normal, not too thick nor watery. It's easy to blend. Because it's for dry skin, this bb cream made my face oily. Therefore, oil control is not good.

I had this bb cream on and took a picture of myself and to my horror! My face came out whiter than the rest of my body. It looks normal naturally. Maybe the effect has something to do with the camera flash.

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