Sea Breeze Original Formula Astringent

I read good reviews of this astringent so I decided to try it out myself.

"Sea Breeze Original Formula Astringent is made to remove trapped oil, dirt and makeup before they become problems."
I used this twice a day, after I cleanse my face. It says in the label that "the tingle tells you that Sea Breeze is working as it penetrates deep down to the pored to deep clean your skin." The "tingle" this product is talking about is from the eucalyptus. I actually like the minty cool feeling after I wipe my face with this.

This astringent is good in removing excess oil and dirt. It would also remove makeup that got left behind by my cleanser. Just make sure that you only use this after you cleanse your face. I tried using this to remove excess oil when I didn't wash my face beforehand. It didn't remove the oil completely because after using this, my face still felt oily.

This didn't do anything to help treat my breakouts. I have been having bad breakouts lately and I didn't feel this astringent help treat it. My breakout just continued to get worse.

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