Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale

Bath & Body Works is currently having their Semi-Annual Sale both in-stores and online. They have a lot of good deals, with some products up to 75% off.

Shower gels are only $4 each. I think their clearing out their old stocks of shower gel for their new shower gel formula. The new formula is makes your skim softer because they added more shea butter and aloe.

I really like the Forever Sunshine scent, so I stocked up on that since they are phasing it out. I also picked up the Forever Sunshine body mist.

I got 2 small candles of the same scent. Of all the on-sale candles, I only liked the Passion Flower scent. I'n not very fond of tropical or exotic scents like coconut. I also hate the smell of grass.

I really fall for BBW's promos. What only started out as 2 lotions and a body mist made me purchase all of that. Almost everyday, they got a something different on sale, so it made me keep on going back for more. And after I bought all of these, they emailed a "$10 off a $30 purchase" coupon. The coupon is really tempting me to buy more...


  1. Yay! A fellow Semi-Annual Sale Shopper! Pink Chiffon is my favorite!

    1. I only learned that Pink Chiffon smells amazing when I got home and smelled the shower gel I got.


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